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Chaque véhicule est équipé d’un boîtier Starfinder : celui-ci assure la localisation permanente du véhicule à l’aide des données transmises par les satellites GPS. Ce système se charge également de la transmission des données (positions, états, …) par GPRS vers le serveur Internet qui permet de gérer l’ensemble de la flotte.

Starfinder Automatic Vehicle Locator

The Starfinder AVL offers a very robust platform for any type of vehicle locating including fleet management and container tracking. The Starfinder can remotely transmit the GPS position using the GSM/GPRS network and SMS. The Starfinder can send telemetry data as an SMS text message or over the internet.This means that assets can be seamlessly and reliably tracked almost anywhere in the world. The Starfinder allows for remote ignition disabling and remote door unlocking through our control centre. Currently the Starfinder AVL is in operation in over 80 countries worldwide.

The StarFinder system also includes an intelligent data-logging capability based on time and distance intervals as well as various events. The intelligent selection of data allows the Starfinder to record position information even when outside of GSM coverage.

The StarFinder has two optical inputs, 2 analog inputs (optional), and 2 output relays for control. These can be interfaced with various other systems for remote starting/disabling, door unlocking, alarm notifications, or any other triggers or measurements. The StarFinder can be configured over the air to change parameters in real time. The system is ideal for stolen car recovery, fleet management, rental car monitoring, road services, boating and many others.

  • FCC & CE Approved
  • High performance GPS positioning with intelligent data logging by request
  • SiRF III high sensitivity GPS with 20 Channel
  • Programmable position request by time or distance interval
  • Inputs - 2 optical, 2 digital (1 RF panic button)
  • Outputs - 2 relays (4 conditions)
  • GSM/GPRS - CDMA/1X - cellular interface based on SMS & GPRS & 1X data-packet
  • Programmable Geo-Fence
  • Backup battery (Optional )
  • Analog port for 0-3.3V interface
  • 2 way voice communication (optional)
  • Each unit has a specific ID for report management
  • Operation Temp: -35°C to 70°C
  • Additional input for camera (Future upgrade)



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